Good and bad rain

The rainy season in The Gambia lasts from June to October. Heavy rains, wind and lightings punctuate the daily lives of everyone. Some children and an SOS mother from SOS Children's Village Bakoteh were asked about the advantages and disadvantages of the rainy season. Just read their answers...

Good rain

Three girls laughing in the rain! (Photo: Christian Leske)
Three girls laughing in the rain! (Photo: Christian Leske)
I like it when it rains! I can go outside and shower. (Isnaba, 7-year-old boy)

Me too, I like to shower outside! There is so much water falling from the roof of our house that it's sometimes even better than a real shower! (Baboucarr, 13-year-old boy)

It's good for crops! They grow really fast in the rainy season! (Baboucarr, 12-year-old boy)

What I like about the rainy season? The water! I don't mind being wet! Or maybe I just got used to it since we have not much choice but to keep on tending to our daily activities. I can also plan my vegetable garden at the back of the house during the rainy season. I don't need to bother and water it daily! (SOS mother Rose) 

Bad rain

Everything gets dirty. (Isnaba, 7-year-old boy)

We always get wet coming back from school! Even if you have an umbrella, the rain still wets you! (Elizabeth, 8-year-old girl)

It can be dangerous! A couple of nights ago, the internet antenna located at the village next to our house broke and fell down because of the storm. We were very lucky it fell on the street side and not onto our house...and also lucky that the streets were empty that night! No one got hurt. (Baboucarr, 13-year-old boy)

I fall sick more often. (Oumie, 10-year-old girl)

Clothes don't dry! (SOS mother Rose)

What do children do when it rains?

I sit inside and watch the rain. (Isnaba, 7-year-old boy)

I watch TV. (Oumie, 10-year-old girl)

I play games with my SOS siblings. We either play cards or the game of Lotto we made. (Baboucarr, 13-year-old boy)

I study! (Baboucarr, 12-year-old boy)