"Here is the news..."


Maria reading the news (Photo: Dan Mwatiwamba)
Maria reading the news
Aspiring radio presenters Maria and Kingston, both children from SOS Children's Village Lilongwe, chose a novel way to bid farewell to SOS Children's Village Lilongwe village director Henry Banda last month. The pair set up a 'radio station' at the village and 'broadcast' a news bulletin to the village community.

"Here is the lunch hour bulletin of local news. SOS Children's Village Lilongwe bids farewell to its village director. In a sports update, the 'SOS Queens' thrash the Bridge sisters by 18 baskets to 7. You are with me Maria, on SOS Children's Village Lilongwe radio."

"On 13 February, SOS Children's Village Lilongwe bid farewell to its long serving village director, Henry Banda, who retired after serving the organization for almost ten years. A colourful ceremony was held, which was spiced with activities and heart touching speeches.

Our reporter Kingston caught up with Henry Banda who was lost for words, as he had not expected such a colourful ceremony. However, he managed to express some of his feelings about his retirement.

"I will cherish this moment throughout my retirement and I think I should reverse my decision so that you should organize a similar occasion for me again! I wish you all the best."

Kingston reporting the news (Photo: Dan Mwatiwamba)
Kingston reporting the news

Commenting on the retirement, one of the youths who is now living independently had this to say; "I will remember Mr Banda for the rest of my life as he played a big role as a loving and caring dad throughout my stay in the SOS Children's Village," said Blessing. Indeed this was a colourful occasion. Reporting from SOS Children's Village this is your news reporter, Kingston. And now, back to Maria."

"In netball, the 'SOS Queens' outplayed their rivals, the Bridge Sisters, in a friendly match which was played at SOS Children's Village netball ground.

To end the news here are the headlines once again. SOS Children's Village Lilongwe bids farewell to its village director. The 'SOS Queens' thrash Bridge Sisters 18 baskets to 7."

"You were with me, your favourite news reader, Maria. Good afternoon"