Running for the wildlife of Malawi

Youths from the SOS Youth Facility in Lilongwe are always looking for ways in which they can help out local charities. Recently, they joined in a running race to raise funds for the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

Five boys from SOS Children's Village Lilongwe recently took part in a fundraising run on behalf of the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

The whole event comprised a fete of various stalls, a 12 km road race, a 1 km fancy dress race, a 1 km inter-schools race along with various family activities, food stalls and children's entertainment. It's an annual event which just about everyone in Lilongwe looks forward to each year.

Chikondi on the left and John race towards the finishing line (Photo: Hard Chatsika)
Chikondi on the left and John race towards the finishing line (Photo: Hard Chatsika)

This year, the event was held at Bishop Mackezie International High School and there was a big turnout for all of the races. Last year, the SOS Children's Village team came third in the race and the boys were keen to improve their position this year. However, a last minute transport problem meant that, sadly, the boys missed the start of the race. Unwilling to let the charity down, the five boys completed the race even though everyone else had finished.

The boys took their participation very seriously and decided to run as fast as they could as if they were competing with the other teams. Chikondi, in his bright green vest was especially serious about the race and came first among the five boys in the team.

Because of their dedication and perseverance, many people celebrated with the boys as they completed the race distance and celebrated with them - posing for photo opportunities and congratulating the boys on their dedication to the cause.

After enjoying some of the festivities, the boys left the field having had a day of disappointment and fun in just about equal measures, but knowing that they had contributed to a worthwhile cause.