A dream called SOS Children's Villages

'God has given us a wonderful place called SOS Children's Villages where our dreams come true. I have been living in this wonderful place since 1 March 2001, together with my three siblings Diego, Richard and Luis Antonio. I felt welcome from day one, and I still remember my first breakfast. It was delicious! I also met my SOS mother Rubi and my SOS brothers and sisters and I went around the village and talked with all the people who welcomed me that day. At night, my siblings and I stayed in the same room. It was cool, awesome. 

'Next, I enrolled in San Felipe Neri School. I had a really good experience there…I really enjoyed the advantage of this educational opportunity. I connected very well with my classmates and teachers. I have good memories of all that.

Mauricio together with Rubi, his SOS mother (Photo: SOS Archives)
Image caption Mauricio together with Rubi, his SOS mother (Photo: SOS Archives)
'I'm a junior high school student now. I consider myself a good student because I have a good academic record and thanks to this, I was able to apply for a grant in Mundos Unidos of Costa Rica School. I was chosen out of 20 youth candidates from Colombia. This achievement made me happy because it implies a new challenge in my life: say, to obtain an international high school diploma so to take up studies in business administration. I'm feeling scared and apprehensive about leaving my SOS family; but at the same time, I have so many expectations about this new experience that I can't just stop thinking about it. 

'On the other hand, I will always remember the olympics, carnival, and family outings. They were my favourite activities besides the workshops and other extra-curricular activities I attended. So, I treasure all the happy moments with my SOS family, my brothers and sisters, and the community, and, why not, my biological family visits. 

'I thank God for giving me this place, where I was able to forget about any hardship. From the beginning, I knew this was the ideal place for me, mainly because I was allowed to live with my siblings. SOS Children's Villages gave me a new home. SOS Children's Villages represented an opportunity to achieve my goals and dreams'.