Boys of action

Brave playgrounds-men and fearless ant hunters, there aren't many things that stop the boys of SOS Children's Village Tbilisi. Be it developing solution plans or springing into action, these little problem solvers manage to turn frowns into smile with their childish innocence.

The Easter meadow

A plate of freshly-grown wheat is a typical Easter decoration which can be found in almost every Georgian household. Two weeks before Easter, a handful of wheat is planted on a thin layer of water-soaked cotton placed on a plate or tray. By Easter day, the wheat grows around three inches in height making a pretty green mini-meadow in which mothers put colourful Easter eggs, thus completing the Easter centrepiece.

Boy at the playground - Photo: Katerina Ilievska
Boy at the playground - Photo: Katerina Ilievska
SOS mother Nini grows wheat every Easter. She involves her children in the process making the creation of the centrepiece a family affair. 'Last year my children decided that, apart from Easter eggs, there needs to be some cattle on the meadow, so I made little coconut cookies in the shape of sheep,' says Nini.

Six-year-old David came to live at SOS Children's Village Tbilisi around Christmas and wasn't familiar with the family's Easter traditions. The boy was puzzled by the whole wheat-growing process.

'What is all this then? Why is it necessary?' David asked. 'The wheat symbolizes the fields and by putting Easter eggs on the plate we wish for rich crops,' Nini explained thinking she covered it all. 'To be honest, I don't see how we're gonna' get a combine to collect the crops off this plate,' said concerned David and added 'and we need to find another meadow for the sheep.'

David's confusion grew even deeper as his [SOS] siblings and mother began laughing. 'I'm serious. Come harvest time, don't say I didn't warn you.'

The warning

Lasha is your regular ten-year-old boy. He doesn't care much for school, likes to play football and, on rainy days, loves to watch television. In the six years he's been living in the home of SOS mother Tamar, Lasha gained a reputation of being a true gentleman, always ready to assist a damsel in distress.

This long-time cartoon fan recently discovered and became a devoted fan of a popular soap opera. He eagerly awaited every new episode and grew especially fond of the show's main heroine.

Boy and girl sitting outside waving - Photo: Katerina Ilievska
Boy and girl sitting outside waving - Photo: Katerina Ilievska

Used to her boy being quiet while the show was on, Tamar was surprised to see him rush into the kitchen. 'Quick, give me your phone,' panting Lasha asked his SOS mom. 'No time to explain,' the boy added, seeing his mother's confused face. 'She's in danger! I have to warn her!'

After reassuring her son that the danger is part of a made-up story and that the real lady was fine, Lasha calmed down. He did remain a bit suspicious though. 'It looked so real. Maybe I better find her number in case she's in real danger in future,' concluded the little knight in shiny armour.

For privacy reasons, all names were changed.